About ITP Group

We are better together

ITP Group was founded in 1998. Today, ITP Group operates as an international company with more than 100 dedicated employees. We believe that the key to our growth and success is based on our core values: Transparency, Diversity and Trust. We believe that these values are embodied in our DNA and are what have fostered a strong bond and successful collaboration, between employees and loyal customers throughout the years. 


All our business activities are managed through ethical trade. We ensure transparency by communicating with our customers through disclosure, clarity and accuracy. 


With employees and offices in more than 5 countries, we celebrate our diversity and see it as our greatest strength.


We have trust in our customers, colleagues, and partners. A trust that is built through honest and open communication.


In 2021, we decided to restructure our organization into three business divisions: Nordic Bath, Colorful Craft and GSC Solutions. This change enables us to ensure the quality of our service going forward, making our organization more effective while still relying on our existing experience and knowledge. 


All our activities are ISO9001-2015 certified by DNV GL. We ensure safety, quality, and efficiency when operating internationally and especially when it comes to product quality. Moving production to Asia does not have to be high risk, when managed professionally. Our standards, procedures, and processes conform with international standards, ensuring that your products, systems, and organization is not only safe and reliable, but also good for the environment. 

Founded in 1998

Staff 95+

Offices 15

We care about responsibility

ITP Group works hard to maintain a socially responsible business

ITP Group and its subsidiaries are committed to conducting all aspects of business activities with the highest standards of business ethics and in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations. We are continuously working to improve the working conditions of the people making the products we sell when doing business.

Collaborations for sustainability

ITP GROUP is a member of the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI-Norway and ETI-Denmark). We work closely with this organization and its members to share the practice of all our efforts in the social compliance area. We are willing to partner with others companies & organizations to advance the human rights of workers and to eliminate sweatshops by promoting ethical working conditions, labor rights, corporate social responsibility, and social dialogue.

Our standards

ITP Group and all our entities follow strict standards for ethical business. ITP Group’s standards are based on key United Nations (UN) and International Labor Organization conventions and documents, addressing key aspects for responsible, ethical, and sustainable business. Read more about ITP Group’s standards in our Policy for Responsible Business. Furthermore, to ensure all entities in the value chain comply with our standards, all partners are obliged to follow our code of conduct and accept continuous audits by our compliance staff.

Policy for responsible business

ITP Group strives towards responsible business conduct that respects people, society, and the environment. This policy document forms the foundation of our sustainability work and our code of conduct.

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